Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

“Ping! Pow! Choom! Zoom! Down goes you, down goes your career as a leading man.”

look, this didn’t do much for me in terms of narrative but Tarantino’s visual storytelling is as mesmerizing as ever. about nothing at all and everything at once; encompassing the feeling of a whole era and his love for the art, while simultaneously just weaving together a loose tapestry of random tidbits. it’s beautiful and silly, it’s dreamy and nonsensical, it’s kino and a flick. but most of all it’s a damn good time spent with cool characters working towards a wholly satisfactory finale. the cowboys have ridden their last ride and order is restored in their home. Robert Richardson triumphs once again with unforgettable images full of love and violence. 

(y’all don’t need to read me praise the cast like everyone else - rightfully so -already has but know this: Brad Pitt is indeed big sexy and Brandy the dog deserves every award)

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