Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ★★★★

my least favorite of the trilogy. especially the first half struggles to find its footing because while introducing new characters and darker themes it also mixes in more comedy and slapstick humor. rather unbalanced storytelling there and at times quite silly. but as soon as Elizabeth rejoins the group the characters feel more anchored in their development, are put on the backburner, and the action is blown up into a seafaring feast. 

magnificent set pieces and Davy Jones with his kraken is obviously a great beast villain. leave it to Verbinski (and Bill Nighy) to serve us an antagonist for the ages. the effects on his tentacle face alone are already a thing of sheer impossible craft, the texture, the lighting, the glistening reflections... hOW DID THEY DO IT?? 2006 vfx looking better than most of what you’ve seen this year

Dead Man’s Chest also gives you the ultimate paradox of rugged pirate elizabeth (who has me on the floor at her mere sight) and the WEIRD and nonsensical love triangle they put her in like, sIR pick a struggle either make her a real scoundrel or leave it be i dont need to see her pretend to be attracted to TWO unwashed men

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