Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★★★½

“People come to the Oasis for all the things they can do, but they stay for all the things they can be.”

i still dont know what to say exactly so i’m just gonna start off with a little story:

when i was a kid we would always have those kinder eggs at home with the surprises in them. back in the day they often had a small strip in them with a code that you could enter on the kinder homepage to play games. until age 8 i was utterly convinced that if i ever typed in that code i would literally be sucked into my computer to play a game. 

this is what this film felt like for me. what Jurassic Park felt like when i first watched it. what Raiders felt like. and so many others of Spielberg’s works. this is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

it probably really hit me with the first race sequence that this is why i love movies. the fact that directors like Spielberg are giving us hours of magical adventures to escape into, a story with characters so real and graspable right before your very eyes. it’s his movies in particular that have always given me a bit of a heartache for something i can’t pinpoint because... they’re just larger than life. 

this film has an endless rewatchability, you will find new details with every time that you immerse yourself in this great mind that is laid open before you. the man loves his details and so do i. there’s nothing that is not planned and put there with respect for the art of cinema. can’t wait for all the rude asses to shut up about it just being a 2.5h film filled with references once they realize it’s so much more than that. i didnt grow up with most of this stuff and still, it made me light up in a blaze of adoration because of the overwhelming flood of imagery that reminded of what it was like to watch a film when i was younger. 

it’s not that i enjoy films any less today than i used to, but i reached a point about two years ago, where i realized that my perception of film has changed drastically and it’s happened less and less often that i could truly let myself go and let one wrap me up entirely. this has done so and i am beyond thankful. i feel like i’ve come home again and... this film is really out there and i can watch it again and again to remind me of that. 

it’s not the most perfect one, the villain is flawed and the romance felt rather forced in some moments too but when you get to the end, when you’ve gone through all of it with these kids, with Halliday and Morrow, it’s the most rewarding ending to a story that i got to experience in a long time. this is about being brave, about losing and finding yourself, about growing up and doing so with kindred spirits by your side. it’s about the power of imagination and of what people can achieve together. 

friends, don’t miss this film while it’s still in cinemas. it’s pure magic. Steven Spielberg and his folks made this for you. for me. for everyone.

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