Rocketman ★★★★

“Real love's hard to come by. So you find a way to cope without it.”

i didn’t have many expectations for this because i barely knew anything about Elton John aside from him being (very) flamboyantly gay. but “Your Song” is a tune that carries so many memories and feelings for me and has been with me since i was a little kid, so i was at least hoping there was a nice scene for that and you BET there was... gurl i sobbed 

i was already caught by surprise at the beginning when i realized this was a musical. good choice for the material since it elevates the heavy themes later on and adds gravitas to the surreal experience Elton went through. it’s also like him, very extra, lest we forget. Dexter Fletcher succeeds in capturing this iconic persona in front of the public and even more so in private with eloquence and just a dash of magic. 

similar structure to other biopics but that certain over theatrical touch and well-choreographed musical numbers add a lot of heart and individuality to it. building from humble beginnings to the insanity of stardom it flows naturally. being keen on learning more about Elton, i was so moved to see all these songs connected to specific times in his life and def not taken aback by “Your Song” having such a similar meaning to him as it did for me over the years. 

Taron Egerton as Elton is grandiose and dedicated to this portrayal from A to Z. wonderful performance and deserving of buzz. it’s been a joy to watch him grow into the actor he is now from back when i first saw him on screen :’) who really surprised me with the heart he brought to Elton’s side was Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin, delightful and crucial in every scene. need to get onto his other recent movies cause mans is GREAT. 

i’m hoping for a couple awards season nods here because Rocketman is an utterly wholesome musical biopic. if you weren’t a fan of Bohemian Rhapsody, please do give this and Dexter Fletcher a chance! even if you don’t particularly care for Elton John... it’s really sweet and will bring you joy, i promise. there’s also a peak gay panic™️ moment when Elton hides in a bathroom before a concert (among other very funny instances)

there was only me and an elderly couple right behind me in the screening and i shit you not, that 80+ year old lady was singing “The Bitch Is Back” at the top of her lungs 😭✊🏼

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