Sing Street ★★★★½

"Your problem is that you're not happy being sad. But that's what love is, Cosmo. Happy sad."

okay I mean I heard this was good and considering my current obsession with Irish film/filmmakers I probs should've have expected more but as it is I didn't go into it with the highest of expectations. AND IT WAS OF COURSE FUCKING GREAT. an outsider kiddo wanting to impress the hot chick across the street of his new school by casting her in a music video of his no yet existing band. this is coming-of-age at its finest and I'd die for Connor FUCK YEAH that actor ruled here. can't wait to see more of him in the future. my feels were all over the place already by how relateable all these kids were and first loves and how high school kinda sucks but also kinda rocks idk it's just all mambo-jambo but THEN the brother character did all the things and I cried happy tears by the end. Jack Reynor is absolutely heartwarming in his performance and though his accent is a bit off (not that good of a Dublin accent but those are hard af to do especially when every actor around you is Irish) I loved him so much it hurts. Sing Street brought the 80's in Ireland with its music back with a bang and the soundtrack is comforting like barely anything else I've listened to in 2016. Ireland guys. I'm gonna live there one day.

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