Suspiria ★★★★

“Love and manipulation, they share houses very often. They are frequent bedfellows.”

Spooktober 2019: #23
Luca Guadagnino arrives with his odd subjective style from A Bigger Splash and slaps it onto a grainy homage to Argento’s 70s classic. a mix of old and new horror, devoid of color and positive feeling and drawn out into an epic. almost an hour longer than the original and i think it didn’t do it any good because quite a few scenes felt very redundant and awkward to me. 

talk about awkward, i don’t know how much of this was intended but the german dialogue is often jarring and paired with wooden line delivery. i appreciate the proficiency that the english speaking actors showed with the language but there are many odd sentence choices that i either didn’t catch on to in regards as to what they play at, or simply pulled me out of my submersion. and submersed i was for a while! Yorke’s score gently rocks you into trance where you sway along through the tears of mourning 

mesmerizing and deeply intoxicating material, not least because of the bleak animosity it perpetuates so thoroughly in front of the German Autumn activities shocking the city and country alike. the academy functions as a small-scale model of this national conflict and guilt, the center of dark and light. mothers watching over their daughters with apprehension and greed in their eyes. womanhood defined by breaking down all bridges that tether them still, ultimately opening up and accepting the self they’ve suppressed for so long. 

Dakota Johnson is god-tier ethereal, as is Swinton in her own strange way. couldnt take my eyes off them. when the raw energy hit with bloody tears and silent screams, when the terror finally turns into euphoria and release...
dance, dance, dance, give yourself over and join the Volk.

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