The Knight Before Christmas

The Knight Before Christmas ★★½

“Do you really think going along with this little delusion is helping the situation?”

- there are so many references to the other netflix christmas movies in this so yeah NCCU (netflix christmas cinematic universe) CONFIRMED. 
- these movies are chill af. superbly unproblematic and just enough actual feels to warm your heart a bit.
- brit guy is mad cute with those curls
- vanessa hudgens was born for this business, sorry i don’t make the rules
- i’m the horny neighbor who keeps pestering Cole
- cannot for the life of me remember what Brooke’s job is but i’m 100% sure it doesn’t pay enough for her to own a bigass & hella nice house (PLUS guest house) like that all alone 
- some of these people are so stupid they wouldn’t survive more than five minutes in real life
- niece and her friend somehow getting lost on the front lawn (!!) during a blizzard and finding their way to a place MILES away from the house... i can’t
- i stan Old Crone

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