The Nun ★★½

“I'm afraid there is something very wrong with this place.”

avid fan of the conjuring movies and Taissa Farmiga here and i was really pumped for this but in the end it falls into way too many generic horror trap holes. 

while performances from both Farmiga and Demián Bichir are really good, i couldnt connect to the story whatsoever. felt like the tale was told 15 minutes into the film and the rest felt pulled out of a hat in an attempt to bring more mystery to Valak’s history. talking about Valak, that demon nun is awesome and creepy but given barely anything to do here beyond some pranks.

the scares are cheap and it never felt like there was much at stake. suspense only begins to build a little towards the finale but even the climax is lackluster and over in a blink. can’t say i’m a fan of the camerawork either cause it looks like a direct-to-dvd piece and way too shaky in many scenes. the monastery is a cool setting, the costumes look nice too, and i think that the cgi isnt as bad as people say it is. 

just an utterly forgettable horror film with weak scares, awkward tries at inserting some comedy inbetween, but some decent moments for the nun and intriguing set up.

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