The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★

“Why are you doing this?”

Spooktober is 2018: #22
after watching the boring first one i thought it could only get better if they actually embraced the silliness of the concept and this one did the job (somewhat)

soundtrack’s definitely bop after bop and the synth score similarly 70s/80s inspired as the style. there’s colorful lighting, some neon aesthetics, retro trailer park setting, and a finale so reminiscent of multiple horror classics that it almost loses itself in trying to pay homage to them. don’t get me wrong, it’s cool, just relies on a mix of slasher genre tropes that do more for reminding you of other films than stand on its own two legs.  

not sure what to do with the weird zooms and generally the editing is choppy and kinda off, more like a good quality home video. on the one hand it fits the vintage vibes but on the other it’s just sloppy in some sequences where the action could’ve been staged much more engagingly with some effort. not really what i meant with embracing the schlock. 

however, it’s significantly faster paced and keeps you intrigued as opposed to the atmoshperic but dire 2006 film. it doesn’t offer much story, in fact it barely establishes the characters since they are attacked and chased around most of the time. but man, mad respect for getting me attached to the kids in the short time i was with them. Bailee Madison and Lewis Pullmann (my baby) are really good.

maybe i dont fully get the stylization but it’s a short and sweet ride if you got 80 minutes to spare for a bit of pulpy slasher action and good music. don’t expect any sick kills, the fights and confrontations are a lot more interesting than any of the murders.

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