The Witch ★★★★½

"We will conquer this wilderness. It will not consume us."

can you guess I was tryna cram in as many 2016 films as possible by the end of the year. this one lowkey blew me away because of how different it felt to every other horror film I've seen so far. now that I've watched a couple (thanks to spooktober) I think I'm entitled to put out horror flick reviews that can be taken more seriously now. first and foremost what is it with all the talented first time directors in 2016 wow! Dave Eggers delivers a haunting film, not just in atmosphere and tone but also beauty. the eeriness in this is incredible, I held my breath 90% of the time in anticipation but the release did not come. it keeps you there right till the end. but really the whole story is SO interesting I live for folktales - witches in particular - and this one playing in 1630's New England was amaaazing. performances went deep guys, that old English they spoke was hard af to understand but super authentic and fitting. it was refreshing to see these young actors deliver such good ones. 


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