Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier ★★★½

“But the effects of committing extreme violence on other human beings are biological and physiological. That's the price of being a warrior.”

kuddos for having a fair lot of spanish dialogue and pretty lit soundtrack. i was charmed the instance Fleetwood Mac came on. honestly thought this was gonna be yet another self-righteous mercenary team vs druglord kinda circle jerk but it surprised me with its three-dimensional characters and tight focus on them as their own downfall instead of developing cartels etc as the villain.

J C Chandor’s direction brings a natural flow to the game. reminds me of heist films like The Town with steady tension and strong gunfights. the more dramatic moments don’t hit as well and are too rushed to leave much of an impact with me, but i like the characters and their principles. most of them anyway. great opening assimilation of the team, although Affleck’s mega asshole chief Redfly turned me sour almost as soon as he was introduced. Isaac, Pascal, Hunnam and Hedlund are good tho. 

Roman Vasyanow delivers stunning images of luscious jungle greens next to desolate rock formations of the Andes. for all it’s worth, this does a great job juxtaposing the beauty of the country with its crimeridden insides.

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