Under the Silver Lake

so i saw this last week and to be honest it put me in some kind of a movie slump. i’ve been excited for this for so long and people are hyping the shit out of it, maybe i just thought it was gonna be something completely different. but as it is i don’t think i’m ever gonna watch this again. 

it’s thought provoking, daring, entrancing, and all kinds of clever in terms of style. i’d describe it as a classic hollywood murder mystery with a lot of conspiracy theory... and on acid. Mitchell pays hommage to the film noir but at the same time makes it look trippy af and the atmosphere is so paranoid from the very beginning it made me feel very uncomfortable. maybe that’s why i didn’t like it?? or could be the pacing because it drags and drags throughout most of the midsection. i think that’s also where they’re trying to cut it down because they postponed it to December in most countries in order to work on it a bit longer. 

Andrew Garfield is great. the music switches between genres as much as the visual storytelling does and i really appreciate the craftsmanship behind it. watch out for all the references. i don’t want you guys to know more about this so i’ll leave it at that, sorry for the vague review. you need to experience this for yourself and i hope you all love it when you get to see it in December :)

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