Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn ★★★

“If they got lost in them woods you might as well just go on home ’cause you ain’t never gonna find them.”

having the Wrong Turn name attached to this has both up- and downsides since on the one hand I went in expecting trash based on those last four installments of the original movie series and got a surprisingly put together attempt at a folk horror reboot (where was this writing before lmao) which only vaguely touches on the campy cannibal hillbilly premise and with a different approach to its atmosphere as well as seriousness.

this is decent lore! plus, it has really intense moments and gore shocks similar to the one from 2003 but an all around slower dread process. on the other hand it being tied to this franchise kind of keeps it from being seen as just that, a fun venture in its own right. and overshadows a fabulously awesome main girl with Charlotte Vega! love what they do with her and those final 30 minutes are wack! I’m down for another one if it’s anything as surprisingly intriguing as this, although I’ll also gladly take a good take on the campy frame again

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