YellowBrickRoad ★★½

“We have been blessed with the opportunity to tape a legend and turn it into recorded history.”

we like imaginative and original micro-budget food in this house! films like these that don’t shy away from showing their meagre funds and still go all out to inspire terror are the inspo i need and want in my life. makes me want to grab a camera and run into the woods to shoot something like this myself (given that i live in the alps i’d certainly have the peace, quiet, and scenery to do it lol). 

the glitzy layer is removed from the wizard of oz and shown are the festering evils beneath, a rural gothic retelling of sorts but it refuses to give answers so as to make the yellow brick road the main attraction. Oz is far but the road is here and forever. the story focuses on this torturous way to a ghastly and unclear end. much of its tension builds on the go as insanity takes hold of a documentary film crew tracing the steps of the townspeople of Friar in 1940.

don’t expect explanations, cause you won’t get them. bathe in the shrill music and horror of losing track of time, going in circles, images of campy puppet bodies and the same dirtroad running on and on through the woods and brushwork. the theme of repetition is what leads to the misery and also pushes it to the brink; unearthing what was laid to rest by returning (and turning) time and again. if all Bloody Disgusting Selects pieces are as bold as this, sign me up!