Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★
Narrator: This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.

It's hard for me to explain what exactly makes this film so damn good, but, as hard as it may be, I'll try.

1. The Acting.

It's absolutely brilliant. Tyler Durden is acted out to perfection by Brad Pitt, and is, quite possibly, my favorite character ever put on film. He alone is a reason to watch the film.

Edward Norton captures this innocent, white-collar slave to society perfectly, too. He is believable, and, as simple as the role may seem, there's a lot behind it, and Norton captures every single bit of essence there is to the Narrator, and brings it to life.

Helena Bonham-Carter's Marla Singer is simply nuts. She's a woman best summed up by the following quote.

Narrator: "Marla's philosophy of life is that she might die at any moment. The tragedy, she said, was that she didn't."

Other cast members include Meatloaf, and Jared Leto, (from 30 Seconds To Mars,) and both are also fantastic as Robert "Bob" Paulson, and "Angel Face". There are obviously a number of other folks acting here, and all are topnotch.

Though this is in no small part due to the excellent, and one of the most quotable ever scripts of all time, as well as the fantastic directing by David Fincher, which brings me to my next point.

2. The Director.

The more I watch this film, the more of the genius of David Fincher I appreciate, for it astounds me. My respect for him is endless, because what he did for this film simply cannot be overstated.

For one, he captures this dark, wretched humor of the film, and pushes it to its limits - it's simply enthralling to watch. And though that stems from the novel, Fincher only enhances that idea of twisted comedy here, as can be seen everywhere across the film, in just about every single scene.

Another great thing Fincher adds to the piece are the numerous details scattered all across the film - the more you watch, the more you'll see. The more interested you are in this film, the more you'll get out of it.

For example, if you pay close attention, you'll see Brad Pitt appear about 5 times before his official intro. If you pay close attention, you'll see dark silhouettes standing up briskly and advancing towards Marla as the bus she stepped into rides away. If you pay close attention, you'll notice that the barman, Irvine, has a bandage around his collarbone. It's hard to notice him, and harder even to notice the bandage, but it's there because a few scenes prior, it was mentioned that his collarbone was damaged.

Most directors would ignore that part of the script, and simply keep him out of the film. Fincher, however, plays on it, by adding even more details, adding more brilliance to the film. Eventually, it becomes a simple to joy to just watch the film, and spot all these hidden easter eggs, (for lack of a better word,) scattered across.

"Fight Club," is also beautifully filmed. Sure, it may have no panorama shots of some city, or landscapes, but it does make up for it in detailed environments, flushed with sharp colors and contrasts. In fact, some moments look like they're sharp paintings brought to life, and the crisp imagery of the Blu-Ray version of the film simply enhance the experience. The film is, once again, similar to a very detailed and sharp painting, in motion.

The soundtrack, by The Dust Brothers, isn't something I'd listen to much outside of the film, but it certainly works wonderfully during the viewing experience. Both blend perfectly together, and certainly add another layer to, "Fight Club."

3. The Script.

It is, quite simply put, extraordinary, in both senses of the word. "Fight Club," also happens to be one of the most quotable films, ever. I even thought of adding my favorite quotes along the review, but I realized I simply wouldn't have enough space for them all, for there are too many.

4. The Ending.

It's just amazing.

5. Conclusion.

Simply put, "Fight Club," is incredible. It is, (as Jeremy Jahns put it,) awesometacular. The themes it explores, its acting, its soundtrack, its script, its details, its... Everything. All of what this movie incorporates make it a masterpiece, and also happens easily my favourite film of all time.

5 / 5 = This one's perfect. A masterpiece.

P. S. If anyone knows where I can get the same red, leather coat Tyler wears in this film, I will be eternally grateful.

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