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  • Sun Above, Death Below

    Sun Above, Death Below


    If you want a cool, collected antihero and jazz music in your film look no further than "Toho Action". Kayama's protagonist is so stylized that the contrast with Ruriko Asaoka (here splendid)'s warm hearted girl works really nicely... the ending became a cliché pretty fast but when the film was released it was well suited.

  • Shinjuku Maria

    Shinjuku Maria

    If Wakamatsu was a songwriter this probably could have been one of his lesser b-sides...

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  • Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom

    Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom


    One of Norifumi Suzuki best films, "Terrifying Girls’ High School: Lynch Law Classroom" is full of anarchoid energy and very well directed. You can sense a disdain for authority that recurs in many of his films, but this time he really doesn't save "anyone". There isn't a single scene that might be considered a "filler"- all of them are conceived to grab your attention like only the best (exploitation) movies can do. The musical score is also very well done and placed. I personally prefer the Sukeban films, but I can't deny this is Pinky Violence at its peak.

  • Outrage Coda

    Outrage Coda


    With this great ending of the outrage trilogy, Kitano shows once again his special way of making yakuza movies: the intricate plottings really are descendent of the best battles without honor and humanity films but the detached look at killing is all his own. The ending didn't seem fitting though and this prevented the film to have one more half-star. Like Nathan Stuart I too noticed the homage to Hokuriku Proxy War. Hope Takeshi won't stop churning yakuza films and who knows, being older, he may return in a powerful Oyabun role in the future...