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  • Deadpool



    Cheap jokes, but the story was pretty decent. It also did manage to have a few genuinely funny moments beneath the cheap ones. It's Deadpool so that was entirely expected.

  • Fuck Buddies

    Fuck Buddies


    holy shit

  • Ant-Man



    It's a comedy and it was fun to watch (especially in 3D). Don't go into it expecting a serious plot.

  • Interesting Ball

    Interesting Ball


    Ball is life.

  • Fading Gigolo

    Fading Gigolo


    Decided to watch something out of the blue and this was it. I mostly stayed for the wonderful music that plays throughout. It's a cute and unusual romcom that gets better as it goes on.

    Is it worth picking up? Probably not, but it's fun.

  • When Good Ghouls Go Bad

    When Good Ghouls Go Bad


    This movie had, to quote a friend, "just the right amount of bullshit." I'm so happy about its existence. It's a cheesy Halloween movie that you can easily fall in love with. I'd recommend watching it whenever you're in the Halloween spirit.

  • Cashback



    Cool concept and pretty simple. Perfect for slow days.

  • Martyrs



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Really well done drama/horror. The ending was what ruined it for me. I didn't expect anything revolutionary, but it felt dull compared to the rest.

  • Stay



    Lots of subtle foreshadowing and great characters. I especially liked how they had extras and objects in the background of certain scenes serve a purpose to the overall theme.

  • The Interview

    The Interview


    I didn't expect much from this movie because of all the shit it got, but boy was it actually funny. The humor was dialogue based and childish—in a good way—which was excellent because from the trailer I assumed it would be filled with generic action centric "comedy." Glad they put it on Netflix because I wouldn't have watched it otherwise.

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    The atmospheres and the soundtrack were amazingly coherent. The first half really sets the stage.

  • Interstellar



    I saw the trailer when it first came out and I thought "hey this will be kind of cool." I kind of regret watching the trailer because it would have been even better going in blind. The movie itself was so intense throughout in a really casual way. I loved it a lot. I thought my expectations might be too high since everyone I knew kept saying it was amazing, but it was just as they said. It's definitely a favorite now.