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  • Swallow



    I can hear the white het cis men watching this repeating #notallmen over and over in their heads.

  • Guns Akimbo

    Guns Akimbo


    Started out fun, sadly it didn't know what to do with itself.
    But if you tell me you wouldn't watch that stream, even if only to see if it's real, you're straight up lying.

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  • Anything for Jackson

    Anything for Jackson


    I don't know why I thought this was going to be a little funny?! Went in all lighthearted and shit and then this grabbed me by the..

  • His House

    His House


    "Your ghosts follow you. They never leave. They live with you."

    I used to work with refugee children from Syria. I remember how scared they were about every loud sound, every unpredictable movement, every unfamiliar situation. All those horrors are very real.

    This movie translates those fears into very powerful images. The dreamlike horror elements carry the emotions in a way, that people privileged to never have been in such a situation get a slight idea, a hint, of how it impacts a human soul.

    I really recommend watching this one!