Red Notice

Red Notice ★★

Red Notice opens with a logic-defying, but kinda fun chase sequence inside and then outside of a museum. It sets the tone for the movie. High paced, silly globe trotting action adventure that grows tiresome pretty fast. It’s a showcase for the three main stars to do the things that they usually do in movies. There is an element of charm but too often it feels a lazy and cynical. It just became Netflix’s “biggest ever opening day for a film”; whatever that means. I think it meant that lots of people watched it. Judging from Letterboxd reviews, a lot of those people didn’t care for it.

It seemingly aspires to be generically fun, but too often it’s a bit of a slog. It it ends up being generic, if not particularly fun. Too often it raised a sigh rather than a gasp or a titter. Then Ed Sheeran turns up and any goodwill I may have stashed away for this movie dissipated in one moment.

A disappointment in a way, yet I never really expected much from it; even though the elements were in place for an enjoyable action adventure movie. What does it say that I, like many others, watched it so urgently even with these modest expectations. Is it just so that we can be part of the conversation? Or deep down were we hoping to be proved wrong? In the end, to quote Gloria Estefan, algorithm is gonna get you...I think that’s how the song went.

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