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  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    For those who are familiar with Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies, welcome back! The Hobbit is just what you as a nerd were looking for; a movie based on the book. The movie follows the book really well and surprisingly didn't feel like too much was extended to make the film 3 hours long. I will admit that there were times when I could obviously tell that they were trying to buy some time but in the next…

  • The Art of Seduction

    The Art of Seduction


    While watching this film I noticed something different about it. The point of the movie was from the angle of two people who shouldn't be together trying to be together so they can screw over the other. It was fun to say the least, while it was hard to follow with some of the more 'foreign' jokes being a bit over my head and relative distance between certain area's something I had to look up to understand (like how am…

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  • The 10th Kingdom

    The 10th Kingdom


    This movie is 6 hours...and I don't think I can truly write a review about a 6 hour movie without saying "Holy hell, how did I manage to sit through all of that?!"

    The thing about the 10th kingdom is not the fact that it is an obvious child movie with a hint of being geared towards female audiences. It is the fact that the movie managed to contain almost; if not all, fairy tail's every child should have heard…