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  • Ip Man 3

    Ip Man 3


    i started watching this thinking; "okay here we go, time for the weird mike tyson one"

    and, literally i don't even know why mike tyson was in this movie
    nor do i think mike tyson knows what he's doing in this movie
    he's there to sell american tickets, the fight's okay
    if anything most of the fights aren't quite as good as the first two
    they're not bad just there we're a little less "wow" moments throughout, which is what…

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier


    if you don't think this is the best mcu film, how does it feel having the wrong opinion?

    you got spy espionage and tension throughout.
    you got the best action.
    fight choreography is all top notch.
    an incredibly blood pumping car chase sequence.
    jaw dropping twists and turns.
    a huge threat from the villain, basically thanos except precise and less random, more evil and fascist in a lot of regards.
    fun, smart dialogue pieces. 
    a great theme of privacy, security…

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  • Nomadland



    chloe zhao was the best director of the year, and the award shows aren't what proves it, it's the damn film she made bro

    so uniquely directed in its very observational camerawork, unconventional editing techniques that break a flow of traditional continuity BUT you're still able to always follow the story, i like the editing style especially because it reminds me of how we recall and remember our lives, we don't think of it in sequence, we remember the important…

  • WandaVision



    i can't believe so many fans sat there watching this show for 2 months begging for mephisto, toby macguire, doctor strange, reed 'krasinski' richards and x-men cameos, getting disappointed every week, when what we got an incredibly rich story about a woman dealing with her deep seeded internal traumas in an external way which as a result affects the people around her ✨literally✨