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  • Spectre


    The cycle is now complete and Daniel is free to the franchise on an uplifting note (although I hope he doesn't). And by the way, if you think the Bond Continuum needs to have a reason for it's actor swapping, you're doing it wrong.

  • Lone Survivor

    Lone Survivor

    Gruesome and fatalistic, this film wants to hurt you. With the spoiler title it takes advantage of it's audience by using every opportunity to remind you that these are soldiers with families they will be leaving behind by the end of the film. With a knowledge of where their decisions will lead them, it makes you cringe at every turn.

    Among it's many flaws is a middle school grade sense of humor. It's hard to come across a war movie…

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  • Citizenfour



    If you read the news, you know the story. No surprises for me here, just disappointment.

  • Birdman



    A creatively charged film that works first as a character study and second as an achievement of photography, but unfortunately fails structurally. All characters succeed in existing within multi-dimensions, especially Michael Keaton's washed up actor, Riggan Thomson, with an inflated ego and a God-complex as well as a more human and vulnerable victim of schizophrenia. Edward Norton as well plays an actor with an inflated ego who substitutes likability and masculinity for talent and faux-masuclinity.

    Through cinematic tricks and Alejandro's…