Film Title Poem

Film Title Poem ★½

*no spoilers*
Well, that was long. Well not technically, to be exact, ‘Film Title Poem’ runs just 4 seconds shy of 68 minutes, however even 20 minutes is too long for such a repetitive film. According to what I have read, this is simply a part of a project that reflects on the ‘remembered’ movie, and how fiction weaves itself into our lives and memories. In short, this film exists to remind us of better films that one would rather be watching. I guess this film does achieve its purpose, however having such a weak purpose for a film that is not a 5 minute art installation is ridiculous. I do not need to be reminded of films that I have watched because, believe it or not, I have something called a memory and it serves me well, or at least better than this bloated turgid piece of dog faeces. I am not sure whether or not I should be disappointed in MUBI for curating this or happy that this is leaving soon.

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