The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

For once, it seems, Yorgos has made something that isn’t primarily unsettling. The snark is still there, and the film's many anachronistic/eccentric elements blend together to make this dark comedy no less entertainingly absurd. 
The power struggle is simple but the commentary on the tragedy of power holds. In The Favourite, the three leading women (who all bring their A-game, but Colman is the Queen) take centre stage. Their characters are full-bodied, and their interpersonal dynamics are engaging, at times even poignant and touching, something I didn't come to expect from Lanthimos.

My only evident problem was the pace, which lags sometimes, even if I can't pinpoint where. Don’t know if it would benefit from being more content-dense or being shorter and more compact.

Also, watching this with my mum was an experience. I had to constantly refrain myself from squirming in gay delight. I love how it is this film that is Yorgos' most accessible film to date.

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