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  • End of Watch

    End of Watch


    One of the best cops movie ever made!
    Jake & Micheal acting was top notch.

    p.s. "F" word has been used more than 150 times in this movie. I'm not kidding.

  • Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate


    How close to the James Cameron's Terminator movies?


    Chemistry between cast worked out nice this time which is one of the main issues since 1992. Some of the ideas were ripped from Terminator Salvation and Genysis.
    Second act boring and Third act is pretty good. I really had a good time.

    p.s. I was disappointed by CGI shots.
    [1992 Practical effects > 2019 CGI]

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  • Interstellar



    This movie has all the answers we're looking for inside out.


    p.s. After 30 years, people will adore this movie. Students will see this movie in school or online class.

  • Ghostbusters


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Happy Halloween everyone except me!

    Remember how Bill Murray felt during that ad shoot in Japan in "Lost in Translation" movie..... That's how he must have felt during his cameo appearance in this movie.
    So somehow I convinced myself to watch this cgi boring movie on Halloween day as a punishment.

    p.s. this movie is the worst reboot ever!

    I'm sorry Paul Feig :(