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  • The American Friend

    The American Friend


    This film is fantastically made, very dense in atmosphere, great camera, great actors - it almost doesn't matter that the story doesn't make a lot of sense. Why does the main character believe the complete strangers who step into his life only to ask him to do something completely outside of morality and legality? It does not make any sense. Why in the world are these people in the ambulance in that one scene?
    That being said, I still really enjoyed the film, it had a real grip on me. And it really is quite stunning visually. Hopper is great, but Bruno Ganz is fantastic.

  • Dolfun



    Very luvly!
    How did Silva get the Michael Jackson song? Isn't that super expensive?
    Some beautiful underwater pictures. Simple. Beautiful. Poetic. Ben Harpers voice is luvly.

    Was nominated for Short Film Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival 2016.

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  • Bear Story

    Bear Story

    Alright animation pasted all over with heavy sticky emotional music and and a very unoriginal story.

  • Gloria



    Love it. So stylish, so much fun, so unusual, original refreshing. Gena Rowlands is just a great actress and the child, John Adames, is also really outstanding, already how he looks, his eyes, his whole stature is extraordinary (and not seldomly I find myself being annoyed by child actors). There are many things that make this film so beautiful: the relationship between Gloria and the kid is so unusual, because sometimes they talk to each other like lovers, and then…