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  • Riders of Justice

    Riders of Justice


    Mads Mikkelsen followed up “Another Round” with a more violent entry in the “Dudes Rock” genre. This is, like another round, a movie about how male camaraderie can help you overcome the problems in your life, be they a mid-life crisis or the death of your wife.

    People will grab onto the “Butterly Effect” message but really this movie is about how when you are faced with the cold randomness of a violent universe, you can find some solace by…

  • Dunkirk



    This movie is reactionary Tory Porn but it also fucking kicks ass. The suspense comes from an invisible enemy that you never really see. And Tom Hardy is incomprehensible and never shows his face til the last second. Brilliant. 

    In retrospect, probably Nolan’s best film.