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  • The Big Boss
  • Fist of Fury
  • The Way of the Dragon
  • Enter the Dragon

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  • The Black Phone

  • The Princess

  • Elvis

  • Spiderhead

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  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone

    I’ll admit it, I was really digging the way this movie was shot, the way the story was told. It’s more personal than usual from Scott Derrickson, and with a few controversial moments you wouldn’t normally expect on a mainstream theatrical release. But then I realised there was actually no story to be told. Hidden behind a classic Stephen King situation (actually based on a story by his son), it’s your classic A24 movie (but actually from Blumhouse) where they…

  • The Princess

    The Princess

    If someone told me 10 years ago that I would see a remake of The Raid but with a Disney Princess, in a movie that takes both genres seriously, is reasonably violent, has an emphasis on mostly practical stunts and fight choreographies, is a proper Hollywood production directed by a guy from Vietnam with solid street cred, I would have said "Sure", smiled politely, excused myself and alerted the doctors. But here we are. Congratulations, cultural movements: we won. Today is a beautiful day.

Popular reviews

  • Logan


    Ci sono diversi momenti emozionanti in questo Logan. Quello in cui ti accorgi che è la prima volta che vedi per davvero Wolverine in azione. Quello in cui ti sorprendi ad ammirare Patrick Stewart lasciato libero di recitare. Quello in cui ti rendi conto che c'è una cosa che solo i sequel possono avere ma che raramente sfruttano per davvero: scene che capitalizzano su un bagaglio emozionale lungo vent'anni e mezza dozzina di film (pur con la qualità altalenante che…

  • Elvis


    Baz Luhrmann doing Elvis is like Tim Burton doing the Addams Family: you never wondered if it would happen, you always just wondered when.
    Anyway: simply put, in an ideal world every movie is shot like this one. Not necessarily the same incredible, relentless intensity, but at the very least the same free form, iper-real approach. It's cinema. It's a 160 minutes movie chock-full of bold, idiosyncratic choices, and not a single one of them is random – not even…