Chick Fight

I'll admit I have some difficulties with the concept that a fight club for men is the most pathetic representation of all that is wrong with male insecurities while a fight club for women is an empowering institution that must be promoted and preserved at all costs. But I've definitely seen movies with more confusing premises, so not a big deal.
The main issue is that this movie is what happens when someone rich and lazy has an idea and pays someone else to make it, and that other person says "well why not, I need the money, I can give it a go". Then they get other people willing to give it a go for money. Then they get Alec Baldwin, who desperately needs the money but at least knows what he's doing. Then they get Bella Thorne who says "YEAH, this is the best idea EVER" and steals every scene she's in mostly because no one else is really that motivated to stand in the way. So yeah, it's not good.