The Student

The Student ★★★★½

This film raises a lot of questions. But these are not addressed to self, no, I would like to ask them to the director. In the discussion after the screening Serebrennikov got into a heated debate with himself about the meaning of belief and religion in one's life, but the film got sorta forgotten, so I did not get my answers.

All I know is I loved the film. There were quite a few problems with it, yes, the main one being the characters who seemed not like people, but more like typical expressions of the included ideas. But in this case I am not angry about it, because it was exactly what this - a film about ideas - needed. I don't believe it's something the director has overlooked, especially knowing that he pays attention to every single detail in his frame. The ending might seem a bit anti-climatic, as suddenly I felt I was watching a completely different story (and told in a less attentive way), but there comes my questions to the filmmaker, answers to which I probably need to find on my own.