Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

What the fuck is going on here in this day and age? 
The weird son of The Nice Guys and Mulholland Drive.
Andrew Garfield deserves a golden globe for his stunningly accurate portrayal of the white people half-jog without arms because that is range.
Very cool to look at and listen to with a storyline so batshit insane to be fascinating and infuriated. I swear I walked out of this with a whiplash.
I really liked this one very subtle sub-plot about a billboard, still unsure as to what it all meant but I saw a lot of potential and I just need to let this rest and make sense in my head in a few months.
Questionable portrayal of women... but it might be the point? 
David Robert Mitchell has always been far from subtle with his references but he goes positively next-level in his third film not only by having the plot be a man looking closely between the lines of pop culture but by having a scene dedicated to people watching a screening of what seems to be a remake of his film debut The Myth of the American Sleepover. Also his director’s signature can already be pinned to porno magazines and great atmospheres.
This is very much to think about...

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