Jaws ★★★★

like a doll’s eyes

hi watched this in cinema appreciation class. bc yes i’m taking cinema appreciation class just to get letterbox content. when i found out we were watching this movie i was like ahh!! bc i’m such a scaredy kat :/ i had my hands ready to cover my eyes thru the whole movie bc i don’t trust myself to not scream during a jump scare anyway! i appreciate that this wasn’t rly scary scary and rly gorey bc i would’ve like. died. anyway idk what to say it was good and i liked hearing what my proffeser had to say etc the characters are kind annoying esp that one pirate guy or whatever but the two main guys are cool ig :) overall it was like rly suspenseful and fun i love water scenes like ahhh idk so cool to me some parts were 😴 but it was a fun cool watch~ here’s what my oomfie has to say abt it: underwhelming. period. doesn’t compare to 47 meters down.. they did what they couldn’t. 

bias 🦈: pippet.

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