To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You ★★★★★

i’ll always know that once upon a time my heart was yours

break  my heart into a thousand pieces ‬

omg i literally wrote my whole review but then realized it was on part 1 not part 2 so now i’m here rewriting ^_^ ANYWAY  sooo this movie is so cute was the first one this cringy and cheesy idr but it felt like cheesier to me but it’s fine it’s kinda campy and cute and fun and lighthearted and the soundtrack is sooo good like ... when black pink came on when she started lip synching to ashe like WHAT this movie is lowkey cracked but it was so funny in that sense anyway the Visualssssssss ahhhh i love the sceneryyyy and the color palette and aesthetic and i would give this movie 4 stars bc some parts are like uhmm... but as laura was doing things i was like “damn she’s so dramatic but like lowkey i get it” so i googled what’s her sign is turns out she’s a pisces and like same .. so now i’m giving it 5 stars just for that give me part 3 next week dont b shy film some more...dont b shy .. film some more!

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