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  • Cinema Bandi

    Cinema Bandi

    రేయాగాని ఈ రంగంలో
    సంబరమే రెప్పన్చుల్లో....!!

    @praveen_kandregula cheers to you kudos for making a soulful film... Where can I see myself in that. That is very genuine and honest debue.

    I feel above line's are desparately wrote for me.
    Exactly 3 Year's back... When I decided to step into films and filmmaking few people and friends opposed me to don't go for it? Or are you mad? At this kind of crucial times you're going to take such kind of…

  • Yuvarathnaa


    On the earth
    Why the F people making such kind of Mess.

    When you choose a sensitive subject,
    Why can't you go straight forward instead of adding more colours to make protagonist into a commercial slot where everything taking a diversion.

    And Why people always choosing social message elements 😭 don't know what's the necessity. These day's cine writer's obsessed on the topics of education or farming.