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  • Zola


    *whoopie cushion sound effect*

    what the fuck was this? lmao. very disjointed, no flow, poorly cast (save riley keough, who only seems to play this role in various cinematic universes?), and probably the most try-hard millennial-aged filmmaking i've seen to date.

    amazing premise, terrible execution (and throwing holy water on any mentions of "experimental filmmaking," don't disrespect that canon). let's leave Twitter-thread narratives alone until we can get a traditional one down, yeah? because this? yikez

    colman domingo, baby, i…

  • Cousins


    gloriously impressionistic, tenderly written, so major.

    this really delivered on all fronts for me. i’m a big fan of forgoing heavy exposition in favor of exploring and deepening present connection, and Cousins did that in a way that felt simultaneously bespoke and universal. the casting of Vanessa and Nikki was sublime, and their chemistry was something to behold.

    what a perfect example of allowing your viewer to experience discoveries simultaneously with and through your characters in the most “mundane” moments…