Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★★

I stand by everything I wrote the last time I watched this. Cohen and Lustig take a potentially ludicrous premise and wring every ounce of emotional and thematic heft that they can out of it.

The end result is a film that's both at odds with the current tenor of the discourse around cops in our country, and - paradoxically - uniquely dialed in to the modern horror of discovering that they're not the societal safety net so many of us were raised to believe they were. This film treats the perversion of ONE cop as an unconscionable affront to the natural order of things. That's because it is.

Bruce Campbell drops by to discuss his work on the film and his career overall, and proves remarkably candid - even for someone who's famously somewhat candid. Although I wish Joe Bob didn't feel the need to ask "did you ever grab drinks with your costar?" and stuff like that. Not really his best foot forward on the insight front.