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  • La Grande Bouffe

    La Grande Bouffe

    La Grande Bouffe is Ferreri's unique satirical artwork about human condition in the modern world. It's a disturbing observation of capitalism. Ferreri by denying any dramatic attittude, decides to gaze and observe his figures through his camera.

  • American Gigolo

    American Gigolo

    American Gigolo can't create and shape any connection between a viewer and the character. The film changes its tone, the love relationship can't be the center of the story because there is no dynamic. I think Schrader is a better writer than a director.

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  • Shoplifters


    Shoplifters is the second film I've watched from Koreeda's works and I like his style in Japan's contemporary cinema. Shoplifter's approach to capture the sense of living is by the use of Mise-en-scène and deep focuses on his characters. I loved all the performances and you could completely feel the situations they were dealing with.

  • Parasite


    Parasite can be called a decent film, though I expected much more from Memories of Murder's director. I think in Parasite there are two different tone and rhythm. First half which is the 'set up' scenes, the black comedy and everything seems about right, the problem of Parasite starts when they come to the victims' house to spend the night, from now on everything is a mess! The film losts its way and ends badly. I still think his Memories of Murder is his best work till today and I think it's also his only good feature.