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  • The Apartment

    The Apartment

    Like always lovely 💞

  • My Friends

    My Friends

    It's always a great pleasure to watch an Italian movie, especially the ones that are filled with joy of life. Amici Miei has an enjoyable comedy with beautiful story, but in the half way through the end it losts its power of storytelling.

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  • Burning


    Burning is an artistic try to capture what is real (that can be a dream) and what is a dream (that can be real). In the half way through the end, Burning destroys it's narrative style to observe the line that there is no definition of subjective and objective. It's about experiencing what you can't get in the real world.

  • Letter from an Unknown Woman

    Letter from an Unknown Woman

    Letter From An Unknown Woman is a great work of character study that in each shot not only we see how the director dramatize the relationship but also every details of the scene work together as a narrative aproach. It's my first experience in Ophuls's cinema and I really loved the way he captured the essence of love.