Confusing has written 14 reviews for films rated ★★★ .

  • The King's Man

    The King's Man


    Surprisingly not as bad as I expected, fun and enjoyable with a good cast, Matthew Vaughn's unique style is what elevates this from the average popcorn flick. A good addition to expand the kingsman universe.

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    This was fun and they delivered what the fans asked for but I can't turn my head around that lazy writing, the whole movie seems pointless and every sequence is justified in the lamest way possible. It feels like it doesn't add much to the universe, the villains are also overplayed most of the time and the CGI is bad. I also had a terrible theatre experience, MCU fans are insufferable.

  • King Richard

    King Richard


    King Richard is a feel-good movie and a crowd-pleaser, it focuses on our main character with overbearing sympathy and neglects the Williams sisters. It's a conventional biopic with bland dialogue and no memorable lines. Despite all these flaws, it still manages to keep the viewer invested and emotionally involved and what shines throughout the movie is the astonishing performance of Will Smith who succeeds in completely disappearing into his role.
    Overall, King Richard is oscar bait at its finest, and I had a pleasant time watching it.

  • Passing



    Passing is Rebecca Hall's directorial debut and it doesn't feel like one.
    The film's greatest success is its cinematography from black and white use to the camera work and also the acting from the two leads is some of the best we've had this year.
    This film addresses racial issues through an interesting angle and what keeps the movie going and the viewer intrigued is the conflict between our two protagonists that unfortunately doesn't deliver the thrill one could expect…

  • Army of Thieves

    Army of Thieves


    Better than Army of the Dead.

  • Malignant



    Malignant is a well-made horror movie with good performances and beautiful cinematography. James Wan's direction is great, he crafts each frame and scene with purpose and highlights our protagonist's disturbing situation. The story on the other hand is such a mess and it kinda is all over the place. It feels like a thriller more than a horror film with predictable twists and a weak third act that makes it hard to connect with the story or the characters.

  • Stillwater



    Interesting story that is heavily inspired by the Amanda Knox case, good performances in particular by Matt Damon and Camille Cottin but it's still a little bland, long and even boring at times. The direction and the photography are simple and effective. Kinda disappointing.

  • Jungle Cruise

    Jungle Cruise

    A feel good, funny, adventurous film with very charismatic actors. it's still predictable, a not very original story that lacks depth but it's very promising and they can make a really good franchise if they fix certain aspects.

  • Malena


    The definition of male gaze!

  • A Serbian Film

    A Serbian Film


    Beneath all the violence we find a well-structured movie with an important message to convey and beautiful cinematography, brilliant acting as well as a stressful and shocking third act but unfortunately, it will only be remembered for its violence and gore.

  • Cruella



    A good disney live action remake doesn't happen very often.

  • The Woman in the Window

    The Woman in the Window


    Amy Adams is phenomenal in this movie. The cinematography is gorgeous. It really started well, it was very gripping and stressful until came the third act very predictable and lame.