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This review may contain spoilers.

this could've been so much better.

vivian was the blandest, most annoying character in this movie and that disappointed me. you have a whole cast of more interesting characters and yet you pick the straight white girlboss?? i guess props for the slight attempt at intersectional feminism in this movie, but the secondary characters deserved way more focus than the supposed protagonist.

lucy should've been the main, of course. and maybe even claudia if they wanted to get that shy girl standing up for herself shit right (because, as was mentioned in the movie, lucy and claudia have even more reason to speak out and be afraid of having their identities as moxie be revealed)

more gripes:
- that random gay kiss??? what was the reason ... it could've been handled and executed way better bc it felt like a hollow moment as there was no further development nor comment on lucy's relationship with amaya afterwards
- there's a lot of "diversity" but the characters who are minorities get like 2 lines maximum and no real character. i get that it's a movie, but if you're trying to be all woke with the intersectional feminism, actually give these characters substance instead of putting them in to be like hey, look! this movie's got a white lead, but it's soooo diverse!
- also, if you're tackling modern intersectional feminism, you gotta consider that misogyny isn't the only issue -- there's a plethora of other problems like racism and transphobia in this movie that was mentioned but never elaborated upon
- what was up w that funeral shit pls that did seth so dirty
- nico hiraga deserves a more interesting love interest

this had so much potential, and that's what got to me the most. i liked so many parts of this movie, but it ultimately kinda felt like a waste.

oh well, they tried!

p.s. lauren tsai? u have my complete attention

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