Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Never Rarely Sometimes Always ★★★★½

"Ever wish you were a dude? All the time."

The genuine, heart wrenching, and superior cousin of Unpregnant.

I appreciate that this film is honest. Not honest in a hollow Instagram way but honest in its own unapologetic presentation. I kept cautiously waiting for this film to turn into a NYC adventure movie with bright lights in the big city. But it never did. This isn't an exploit of unexpected joy and new found freedoms, it's one of hard truths.

Hittman's subtle attention to detail and solace in the forgotten places, tells an all too real coming of age story. With limited dialogue, the film guides us through the concealed agony and weight of surreptitious realities. There isn't a veiled beauty to encourage comfort or give the subjects a shine, you genuinely believed these two young girls on their quest.

I hate to be cliché and say what everyone else already has, but the titular scene is so powerful. The moment you realize what it means and then the moments after you are broken. Kids go through shit their parents will never know about. Women go through shit no one will know about. There are silent devastating journeys happening in the people around us every day. May we proceed with kindness and if you don't have a Skylar in your life, could we be that person for someone else?

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