Casablanca ★★★★★

I watched this for university!
Recommended by Yondu4!

A perfect example of how a studio movie can end up being a masterpiece for all time, thanks to correctly placed accents, a talented production team and a great cast.

Casablanca is a movie with a magical atmosphere. The main motives here are sketched out clearly, but so subtly that it takes your breath away. Beautiful work with light and shade and interesting work with the camera angles complement the wonderful tone of the film.

Humphrey Bogart creates a memorable image of a mysterious but sincere person. Claude Rains embodies the image of a funny but ambiguous Captain Renault. Also there are a lot of unimportant to the main plot, but really interesting side-characters. But the main star for me was a stunning young and beautiful Ingrid Bergman, illuminating every frame with her presence like the sun. 

The finale is stunning, very moving and brilliantly completed with an ideal line. It seems that some films were just destined to become immortal.

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