Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder ★★★★★

Two Many Lists Challenge: Film #3 - 13/22
Fellow Leterboxians Challenge: Film #40 - 1/48
Chain Reaction Challenge: Film #89 - 22/100

A great thriller that keeps you engaged to the very end. Bong would not be Bong if he had not focused on the psychology of the characters primely.

An interesting idea with the contrast of the characters of the two detectives - a rustic and lazy local police officer, whom the case forces to open up from an unexpected angle, and a professional from the capital city, who is gradually losing his patience over emotions.

The main emphasis is not on disclosing the case and finding the evidence (which is of course still there), but directly on the investigation process itself and how the duty to complete the work turns into a personal struggle.

And of course Bong cannot be denied on how cinematic his films are. Even with a small budget - the picture is amazing, the actors are at their best, and the script is built very competently.

Another impeccable work by the maestro.

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