Tenet ★★★★½

Nolan once again decided to play with his original ideas, and I'm honestly surprised how he comes up with different ways of showing the passage of time.

Tenet was introduced as a spy thriller, and the film is really packed with genre quirks but plays on them in its own way.

.yaw tnereffid a ni nwohs ,sehcilc nwonk-llew fo noitcelloc a era seoreH

The Protagonist is charming, courageous, mysterious and resilient, as befits any self-respecting spy. However, unlike Bond, he does not throw catchy phrases, does not use incredible gadgets, moreover, he does not even have a name.

Elizabeth Debicki plays a real femme fatale - beautiful and getting the hero into trouble. However, she is not the subject of a love story, her character has her own motivation, unrelated to the hero of Washington.

Branagh's villain is the most Bond part of the film for me. But he also has a story and motivation that is quite atypical for the genre.

The show was stolen by Robert Pattinson, who continues to climb to the top. His character Neil is memorable, intelligent, really funny and is the main asset of all the scenes where he appears on the frame.

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Inversion is quite an interesting and effective thing. To admit, it seems strange and in action scenes I sometimes could not understand what was happening on the screen.

However, as a unique feature, it works perfectly, clearly distinguishing this film from the rest. The part of the film in which the protagonist walks in inverted time looks really cool.

?doog mlif eht ni gnihtyreve si tuB

Nolan's love for explanations has already become a meme. In Dunkirk, he played with this, making a film with almost no dialogue, but in Tenet he decided to win back for two films. The heroes are constantly explaining something, but the main problem is that this is still not enough! You still don't fully understand how this inversion works and, in general, what rules this world has. I just turned off my head and stopped trying to comprehend, but the problem with lifeless dialogues from this did not go away.

Overall, Tenet is a great cinemas’ comeback movie. It's loud, memorable, unique. The film has problems with storytelling and lack of chemistry between some of the characters, but it does its job perfectly well to impress the viewer.

And yes, Chris, you're not the only one who doesn't mind rewinding time back to 2019.

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