Marriage Story ★★★★★

Oh fuck.

Six months ago, if you told me I would like Marriage Story more than The Lighthouse, I would've laughed my fucking ass off. The Lighthouse looked entirely my shit, so how could I like a movie about divorce more than The Lighthouse? Well... as it turns out, Marriage Story is entirely my shit too.

Seriously, I'm still at awe from this movie. I was not expecting to love it as much as I did. Noah Baumbach did such an amazing job with this one. The realism was wayyyy off the charts. It was so raw, so real. I stopped watching Adam Driver and ScarJo and Laura Dern and Ray Liotta (the last person I'd thought I'd see in a Baumbach movie.) But instead, I watched their characters. They felt like real goddamn people. People who lived in this world. People trying to go through a divorce. Adam Driver really killed it here. His quivering lip got me every time. Laura Dern was truly fantastic too, like always. Everyone else was good, but they both killed it hardcore with their roles.

I don’t know man, this one really got me. I was never bored for a single moment. I was completely entertained throughout, and that’s the highest praise I can give this. 

Out of everything I've seen from Baumbach, this is his best so far. It feels so damn mature. And it works so goddamn well. Like everything came together flawlessly. I hope this one gets some Oscar nods. Especially for best actor and best screenplay.

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