Mulholland Drive ★★½

I'll admit it, I was lost. Way way lost.
And I know that's not necessarily a bad thing. I know DL doesn't want me to watch and understand a boring linear plot, but I do like to understand and I do like to know what just happened.
Having said that, I think there's a line to be crossed where the film is so whacky, it can be enjoyable just for that. Having read reviews and videos on the film, I guess I get it and I guess it fits.
But I could never love it. Aspects that are a little too weird and dystopian, sex scenes (in general are annoying in my book) and Laura Harring's acting ground me down and to be honest I wanted to know what I'd seen out of pride, not because I cared all that much about Diane.

ALSO Billy Ray Cyrus didn't deserve to be in this