Furious 7

Furious 7 ★★★★

Basically everything you could want it to be.

If this is indeed the end of the Fast and Furious run, and it should be, then James Wan and crew did the job right.

There's a fight early in this film in which The Rock and Jason Statham exchange several haymakers to each other's heads. Getting punched in the head by a bare-fisted Dwayne Johnson is enough to knock you unconscious temporarily and probably cause a skull fracture.

As it turns out, these punches are an extremely minor head trauma compared to what many characters suffer throughout the course of Furious 7, but concussions and brain damage are never an issue. This is what you want from a Fast and Furious movie--crazy action, impossible sequences, harrowing car crashes, over-the-top fist fights, and you want it all to just keep coming.

At this point in the series, you either gleefully enjoy the absurdity, or you stopped watching a few movies ago. Aside from the Michelle Rodriguez recovery story hamstringing the plot as it did in Fast 6, the action rarely stops and couldn't be more ridiculous in Furious 7.

Statham seemed like the perfect casting for a villain in this film and he lives up to the potential, as an inexplicably good at everything, tough-talking British bad guy who just so happens to show up (literally) everywhere. Kurt Russell (who I didn't know would be involved) proves he's still got it as an awesome addition to the cast as well.

The movie misses out on a couple opportunities, only giving The Rock a bit more than a cameo (although he's terrific per usual in limited screen time), and I would have liked to see Ronda Rousey attempt an armbar on Michelle Rodriguez, but I suppose that wouldn't be in keeping with the frenetic fighting style this film prefers.

Minor complaints in what is otherwise an extraordinarily satisfying finale(?).