John Wick ★★★½

Lives up to the flabbergasting hype.

I'm not sure what version of Earth John Wick lives on, cause it's not ours. There's only one police officer, who knows not to do his job.

Otherwise, everybody is basically free to mirk each other (except at The Continental, of course), and everybody knows everyone else and they're all familiar with the same places and things.

So that was sort of bizarre, but also didn't matter much. John Wick is more about style, and it's overflowing with that. The way Michael Nyqvist says "Oh" when hearing his son stole from John Wick. The way Keanu Reeves always creates a foot or two of space in close quarters to shoot people. The way the gunfights are choreographed in general. The music in the various levels of the Red Circle!

Does this mean I have to give other recent Reeves movies a chance?