Three Colors: Red ★★★★★

I'm extremely lucky. Last night I watched a film that blew me away, and that was Three Colors: Red, but that's not why I'm lucky. I'm lucky because the day after I watch a film, that then becomes one of my all time favorites, I find a website that lets me write about it and share my opinions with others. Now I'm aware that probably nobody will read this, given that I just joined this little film critic community and am just 17 years old, but I'm still extremely excited because it gives me a place to organize my thoughts. And yes, I'm aware that this is the third of a trilogy, and yes, I have seen the others, but this one is my favorite.

Three Colors: Red is a film about the mystery and the beauty of coincidence. Well... actually it's about a lot of things, but the coincidence is the main thing that stuck out to me. If i could sum up the entire plot of this movie in one sentence, it would be this: There are two people and then they meet... That's it. But if you think about it, that's all relationships really are. We are surrounded by billions of people who we don't know, and sooner or later, we are going to come into contact with at least a few of them. Our true love could be right down the street and our worst enemy could could be right next door, and until we meet them, we won't know that they exist. and maybe we won't meet them at all. Maybe we are meant to meet them, and maybe we aren't. Kieslowski explores this idea beautifully.

The characters in this film aren't really characters at all. They're people. We never really know exactly what they're thinking, but we either know how they feel about it or how they want us to think that they feel about it. The people in this movie are happy sometimes, and sad others. Sometimes they're angry, and sometimes they laugh. Sometimes we don't know why they're laughing, but what does it really matter? Irene Jacob is perfect in this movie (much like she was in The Double Life of Veronique also by Kieslowski). In fact, all of the actors and actresses are perfect, but Jacob stands out, maybe it's because of how beautiful she is. Seriously though, that bitch is sexy, and her two sex scenes in The Double Life of Veronique are amazing.

This movie has one of the greatest love stories ever put to film I think, and I only say "I think" because it really doesn't show any of the love story. The plot is really just about a girl and an old dude, but they don't get together (at least not in their physical forms) so how can it be a beautiful love story? I guess you'll just have to watch it.

It seems that all of Kieslowski's films seem to revolve around the idea of this cosmic power that sort of unites us all, and that we are all meant to meet the people that we meet, but it works for him, and it never gets old because it's extraordinarily thought provoking. This is one of my new favorite films and it deserves a 5/5