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  • Yakuza Demon

    Yakuza Demon


    Easily one of Miike's most overlooked films. A superb, stripped down and character driven tale of yakuza loyalty and family ties that sees a restrained Riki Takeuchi and Hideki Sone go up against a huge yakuza group by themselves.

  • Bluebeard



    Not quite what I was expecting, though still one of the better serial killer films in recent years, it definitely helps that it approaches the genre in a slightly different manner and has an almost Hitchcock vibe to it. Its a very deliberately paced film that places story ahead of gory set pieces though it does get suitably bloody when it needs to. Technically its excellent with some top notch cinematography, editing and a decent score that helps keep up…

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  • Go For Broke

    Go For Broke


    A female high school gang riff on Seven Samurai, a complete fucking blast from start to finish. Its amazing and hilarious in equal measures and I love it to pieces.

  • The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale

    The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale


    One of my most hotly anticipated films for the year and thankfully it didn't disappoint, though I had a couple of very minor problems.

    First off and the most important aspect in my eyes, the tiger itself looks excellent, South Korean CG has improved greatly in the past few years and this is no different for the most part, the effects are up there with Roaring Currents (I'm still amazed how that film could be made for only 9 million,…