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  • Angry Ranger

    Angry Ranger


    I'm thinking me and Johnny Wang's filmography are about to become VERY good friends.

    Ben Lam may not be the most charismatic guy to step on a screen but this film bleeds 90's excess from its first frame and delivers a gradually escalating parade of fisticuffs, stabbing, slashing and of course stunt men getting set on fire. Absolutely glorious.

  • City War

    City War


    It's kind of a shame this one doesn't have a better reputation. Though I fully understand why it doesnt, as the first half is a fairly routine buddy- cop tonal clusterfuck that's mainly only enjoyable when Chow Yun Fat is hamming it up to the max.

    But then the second half takes a hard right turn when Norman Chu gets angry, and suddenly everyone starts dying, there's bullets everywhere and Ti Lung busts out a ridiculously powerful shotgun. That's good enough for me.

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  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us


    So it turns out that Gareth Evans didn't need to make The Raid 3 because Timo Tjahjanto had already done it for him.

  • Operation Red Sea

    Operation Red Sea


    Action film of the year, hands down, no contest. In fact, when it comes to modern military action, this is the absolute top tier.
    It's essentially 2 hrs of solid set pieces, and the most remarkable thing about it, is how varied (and absolutely brutal) Dante Lam keeps it. From naval action, to urban warfare, car chases, close combat, tank battles, hostage rescues, last stands, sniper battles and more. It's breathtaking stuff and whilst there is a little dodgy CG,…