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  • Prevenge



    Alice Lowe deserves the recognition she has gotten for this. Writing,starring and directing whilst heavily pregnant is quite the achievement. The film though didn't work for me personally. At all.
    It swung between being dull and aggressively irritating with the humour falling completely flat and feeling out of place just as much as the synth score (of COURSE it had a synth score). I guess I'm just not the target audience for this.

  • The Last Exorcism

    The Last Exorcism


    This Really surprised me with how good it is, especially the performances.

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  • Go For Broke

    Go For Broke


    A female high school gang riff on Seven Samurai, a complete fucking blast from start to finish. Its amazing and hilarious in equal measures and I love it to pieces.

  • The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale

    The Tiger: An Old Hunter's Tale


    One of my most hotly anticipated films for the year and thankfully it didn't disappoint, though I had a couple of very minor problems.

    First off and the most important aspect in my eyes, the tiger itself looks excellent, South Korean CG has improved greatly in the past few years and this is no different for the most part, the effects are up there with Roaring Currents (I'm still amazed how that film could be made for only 9 million,…