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  • 1750 Days of Turbulence

    1750 Days of Turbulence


    Grand scale yakuza drama from Sadao Nakajima detailing the inner power struggle at the top of Japan's biggest crime syndicate. The first half is entirely table setting as the death of the boss leads to multiple candidates vying for the top spot while subordinates scheme and plot against each other. Then the second half goes into the resulting war with Nakajima breaking out his biggest squibs and blood packs for a bunch of bumbling assassinations and office raids. This was…

  • Confession of Murder

    Confession of Murder


    Remake of the 2012 Korean film. Had kinda high expectations for this, I'm not a huge fan of the original so was hoping that with a few tweaks here and there and a bit of a cultural spin this could be a decent serial killer thriller. It starts off well enough, but quickly descends into lazy, watered down territory that sticks far too close to the original with a completely miscast Tatsuya Fujiwara sporting one of the worst haircuts in the history of cinema and Hideaki Ito phoning it in. A few good moments don't stop it from being completely unremarkable in every way.

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  • Go for Broke

    Go for Broke


    A female high school gang riff on Seven Samurai, a complete fucking blast from start to finish. Its amazing and hilarious in equal measures and I love it to pieces.

  • A Savage Beast Goes Mad

    A Savage Beast Goes Mad


    Essentially this could be summed up as Speed done 70's Toei style and directed by Sadao Nakajima, which naturally is a very good thing.
    Cool as ice Tsunehiko Watase stars as a thief making his getaway on a bus with 85 million yen's worth of jewels. His day is quickly ruined though by a pair of frantic and sweaty failed bank robbers who hijack the bus and hold the passengers hostage.
    Takes a good 20 minutes or so to get…