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  • Unforgiven



    As such a big fan of Clint Eastwood, I’m sad it took me such a long time to watch this. It has great performances all around the board, so well written, and a great soundtrack. Morgan Freeman was absolutely snubbed an Oscar nom for this. My main problem is the film took a while to pick up. It didn’t hook me in the first 20 minutes and it wasn’t until the 30 minute point that it really hooked me. Overall, it’s a 94/100 from me.

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Man, I was so pumped for this. As a Hispanic person, I obviously didn’t put so much weight on this film as other poc did, but combined with my love of superheroes and movies, this paid off big time. Wakanda was so beautifully portrayed and there were many moments in the film that my heart sank from the amazing writing and performances on the screen. Chadwick Boseman was GREAT, and I wasn’t the biggest fan of him in Civil War…

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  • It



    "It" was amazing. Just straight up. I hd an amazong time watching it (even though I had to pee the ENTIRE film). All the jokes were spot on (besides one at the end) and the film really delivered some great performances from the kids. While I really loved it, my only complaint was little character development, but it's understandable when you have 7 main characters in your cast. It's full of heart, laughter, and scares and is definitely one to check out. I give it an A.

  • I'm Not Ashamed

    I'm Not Ashamed


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I'm a Christian, so I went into this already understanding Christian backgrounds and what this movie's message would be. I also knew what had happened at the high school she went to, so the ending wasn't a shocker.
    I saw this with my youth group tonight, and while everyone else was in tears praising how good it was, I was looking at the screen in utter amazement at how awful this movie was. Pros and cons, let's do this: