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  • The 400 Blows

    The 400 Blows


    Gorgeously shot and heartbreakingly beautifully written, The 400 Blows has been at the top of my watchlist for years. Coming of Age is my favorite genre and I love a good French film. I’m listening to the score as I write this and it’s just so well done. I truly loved this movie. 

    Jean-Pierre Léaud gives one of, if not the best child-actor performances I’ve ever seen. I connected with him and his character in more ways than I’m able…

  • American Graffiti

    American Graffiti


    I was genuinely surprised by this. 2 hours ago, I was the kinda guy who’d say George Lucas has never made a good film (New Hope is just... fine). However, American Graffiti is easily his best for me. The writing isn’t that bad, although I’d say the performances made them better than they’d normally be. 

    Paul Le Mat, Mackenzie Phillips, and Charles Martin Smith were all standouts to me, as I every scene they were in usually got me hooked.…

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  • Children of Men

    Children of Men


    I was completely shocked by everything I saw in this movie. Absolutely dumbfounded. One of the best shot movies I’ve ever seen. The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic as well. The final act was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. The acting from everyone was top notch too.

    I wish we learned a bit more about Theo, as well as other characters. They touch on characters’ pasts but never really focus on them. I just feel if they spent…

  • The Darjeeling Limited

    The Darjeeling Limited


    I haven’t seen a movie for an entire week! I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve gone without seeing a film since 2015. Well, I’m glad I watched this because I was completely blown away.

    I’ve loved every Wes Anderson film I’ve seen up to this point so I’m not surprised by how much I enjoyed The Darjeeling Limited. However, I did have some lower expectations as most people I’ve talked to about Anderson’s work tend to say this…