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  • The Thin Red Line

    The Thin Red Line


    I can’t believe the Academy watched both this and Saving Private Ryan and still chose the latter for best cinematography. Thin Red Line is BEAUTIFUL, definitely up there with Days of Heaven in terms of how Malick visualizes nature and a character’s surroundings. 

    I loved Malick’s take on war. Movies often emphasize soldiers as “heroes” or “legends” but in the moment... they’re all equals. Both the ‘enemy’ and our soldiers. We’ll all die. We’re all scared. We’re all being led…

  • Boyhood



    Boyhood (dir. Richard Linklater) stars Ellar Coltrane as Mason Jr. from the ages of 6-18. During the film, we experience the little moments of his life, as well as memories that will have lasting impacts long after the movie ends.

    I fucking love Boyhood. I love it. It was one of two films that I watched that hooked me into the world of cinema and filmmaking and I will never forget that. I first saw Boyhood at the age of…

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  • The Sting

    The Sting


    This is my 3,000th film logged on Letterboxd!

    In a combined celebration, I decided to watch The Sting, the last Oscar Best Picture winner that I hadn’t  seen. So I just completed two major goals of mine... yay!

    Anyways, I really liked this film a lot. Both Redford and Newman are great and the screenplay is incredible. I loved all the twists and turns throughout, especially the first horse-betting scene and the ending. This is for sure a new favorite of mine!

  • Pottersville



    They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover...  but you can definitely judge a movie by its poster.

    This was fucking horrendous. An absolute embarrassment for the entire cast and crew, and legitimately one of the worst professionally made films I’ve ever seen.

    The only positive takeaway is Thomas Lennon. He’s the only reason I finished this.

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  • Cars



    As I rewatched this, I remembered all the Cars toys I had growing up and how this was a favorite of mine as a kid. I still despise McQueen as a character but the supporting cast has always intrigued me and makes this enjoyable. I also love the aspect of an aging town desperate for a fresh gust of life.

    I fucking miss being a 6 year old and the only stress I had was picking between a Cars or Fantastic 4 backpack 😪

  • Mank



    Might wind up going with a lower rating... gonna wait until a rewatch at least.

    I wanted to love the fuck out of this but it was just disappointing. I feel like I wanted more, maybe I was just expecting something different than what it ended up being?

    The best takeaway was the cinematography and sound design. It’s incredible how well the script holds up after the decades since it was written. That being said, it goes down subplots and…